1 Custom Map for Local Business SEO


1 Custom Map for Local Business SEO

100+ Map Point, 15 Miles Area Covered, 5 Image Citations, 28 Driving Direction Points for Local SEO

2 week Delivery

  • Near Me Optimization
  • Regional Keyword Research


Build a Hyper-Local Google Custom Map to Boost Your Local SEO Ranking

Google custom maps is an incredible property for Local Business SEO if you use it in the right way. If you are looking for the most effective services for improving the location authority of your GMB in maps, then your search ends here.

Benefits to your business:

➤ Link Building

➤ Local Relevancy

➤ Proximity Optimization

➤ Brand Prominence

Features of an Authority Custom Map for Local SEO:

  • Driving Directions from Nearby Geo-Locations or Places for Local Relevancy
  • Includes Advanced CID Link Building
  • The Map Includes Various Map Points Covering Your Business Area Radius
  • Links from Google’s Property to the Website and all GMB Properties
  • Image Citations.

For Extra Local Boost (Gig Extras)

  • JSON-LD Schema Markup includes all the necessary information that Google can fetch from your website.

What are the Benefits of Google Maps Location Authority Building?

  • Improve Maps Ranking in Local Maps Result.
  • Increase GMB Proximity in Maps with Multi-Layered Radius in Service Areas
  • Effective Way to Pass on Link Juice to the Website and All Maps Properties
  • Use of Multiple Local Keywords for Maps SEO.


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